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We are a creative agency that is a little hard to categorize. Over the 8 years we've been in business, through the 500 projects we delivered last year to some of the most respected brands in the world, and across the 27 international awards we've won since 2012 one thing remains consistent — we create experiences that connect the right brand message to the right audience.

We've done that through desktop, mobile, and social channels as well as via traditional (read: paper) tactics. Our clients consistently say three things about us: we're strategic, we're creative and we deliver.

We're a group of dedicated, passionate and thoughtful marketers

We try hard to create an environment within the agency that, within the turmoil of deadlines and projects and challenges, is open and supportive and fun. We know this sounds a little trite, but we aren't a 400-person firm where pulling this off is frankly nearly impossible. We are a mid-sized independent and passionate agency, with a flat organizational structure and some of the best people you could spend your day with.

Featured Work

100 Quality Tips Contest

100 Quality Tips Contest image

To reinforce the ASPIRIN® 81mg commitment to Quality backed by its 100 points of Quality Control, we developed the ASPIRIN® 81mg 100 Quality Tips campaign. Users were encouraged to enter the contest for a chance to win $5,000 and opt-in for the weekly tips email. Every week users would receive 4 new tips to help them lead a better quality life.

These tips were also added to the 100 Tips section of the microsite each week encouraging repeat visits as new content was added!


Featured Work

Bayer Dermatology

Bayer Dermatology image

For over 4 years, Brightworks has been the go-to marketing agency for Bayer HealthCare's U.S. dermatology division and their brands Desonate® and Finacea®.

Brightworks delivers successful campaigns across multiple channels for Bayer including award-winning mobile apps such as The Rosacea App and The Eczema App (2013 MM&M Gold Award winner); patient support programs like Rosacea Concierge and eDetail aids for Bayer's sales reps.

In 2013, Brightworks and Bayer worked together to create a brand new HCP-focused marketing campaign for Finacea®, the #1 dermatologist-prescribed topical treatment for mild to moderate rosacea.


Giving Back

Brightworks and Right to Play

We are proud to support Right To Play Canada's PLAY program. Through this support, the PLAY program will help bring sports equipment and arts materials to more than 750 children and youth in more than 20 First Nations communities in Ontario. By engaging Aboriginal children and youth — the future leaders of these communities — the PLAY program seeks to promote meaningful, lasting change.

On behalf of everyone at Brightworks, we would like to say thank you to our clients, friends and family for your continued support!


Day 2014

Innovation Day Logo

Organized and hosted by Brightworks, the goal of Innovation Day is to expose our guests to new ideas, new technology and new approaches to marketing in the digital age. We work hard to present local and international speakers who get us excited, make us a little bit smarter, and who share ideas that we can then claim as our own to impress our colleagues!

On March 5 2014 we hosted our 4th annual Innovation Day for over 200 Brightworks friends and colleagues. This year's even was called "amazing", "inspirational" and "a milestone" by attendees. With speakers from Contagious Magazine, MARs Discovery District, The Atlantic and The University of Waterloo we covered everything from adventure travel, to the internet of things to electronic underwear! For more on what the attendees were saying check out the social summary, and for photos and illustrations from ImageThink, visit the Innovation Day site.



For all of you whose news feeds have been taken over by ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos... here's some insight as to why this campaign has been one of the most effective viral campaigns to date!


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Here's a sneak peek from last week's photo shoot! It's always great to see everyone clean up so nicely :)

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And the Emmy goes to... Apple's "Misunderstood" wins the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Commercial! The heartwarming 2013 holiday spot beat out a pair of Super Bowl ads for the award, showing us that being glued to your phone during family time may actually be a good thing!


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"The corner of Broadview and Queen Street East just got a little bit brighter" ... Keep an eye out for our feature in Riverside Magazine! View the online version here (we're page 20!).

We are so excited to be part of this incredible neighbourhood community!

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We're going old school with this week's BW Ice Cream Parlour! Team 3 offered up the classic banana split, complete with cherries on top!

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No better way to start the day than with good news!

We are thrilled that Rosacea Concierge (Bayer HealthCare) has been selected as a FINALIST for the 2014 PM360 Trailblazer Awards, Best Consumer Website/Online Initiative Award.

Looks like we're going to NYC for the 2014 Trailblazer Awards Gala in September! Congratulations to everyone involved on the amazing project!

Check out the great work here! - http://rosaceaconcierge.com

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On "set" with @Micheal Tenaglia!

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Yup, it's photo day at Brightworks!

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Shark week is upon us... see here how advertisers are cashing in on summer's biggest TV event!

Which Shark Week Ad is your favourite?


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Masterpieces being created during the PM offsite at Paint Lounge!

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The summer is flying by, so we're hoping to make the most of August with lots of ice cream days, music festivals, and fun in the sun!

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The iPhone 6 is coming! Rumor has it that Apple will release the newest model on September 9th, with a larger phablet (a combination phone & tablet) model coming later in the fall.


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Wishing all of our friends and clients a relaxing and safe August long weekend!

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BW Ice Cream Parlour Week 2!!

Ft. Homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with vanilla, chocolate, and cappuccino ice cream and chocolate chips and skor bits! YUM!

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We all do it - skip through youtube preroll. Here's how one agency is making the most of those first 5 seconds and grabbing everyone's attention with an unskippable youtube ad.


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Team Where My Pitches At reppin' Brightworks at the 2014 Kenya Cup!

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